By changing our thinking patterns, we can improve our mood and sense of well-being. For those who have been "stuck" in a period of restlessness or stagnancy, we can find freedom. Alternative thoughts can positively affect our behavior and how we interact in the world and with the world - and, how the world responds to us. Ultimately, modifying old thinking patterns can effect great change—and provide us with solid, successful, and satisfying relationships we really want.


Dr. Jessica has been providing therapy to children, adults, and families for over 15 years, specializing in working with individuals, couples, and families with histories of trauma and adversity and problematic relationships.  Utilizing effective cognitive-behavioral therapy techniques, within an overarching relational framework emphasizing attachment and family systems, Dr. Griffin challenges her clients to explore their past.  This further examination of past, can provide information on current dysfunctional thinking styles and relationship difficulties in the present.  With this increased understanding, in the last phase of treatment, she guides clients in focusing on their future development - what is it that they truly want  - and works to help them get the outcomes they desire.  For individuals who are not highly symptomatic, but who are dissatisfied with life or who wish to become "unstuck" in a current situation or problematic relationship, she is available to provide short or long-term coaching.

Dr. Jessica is available to provide services remotely via email, telephone, and/or video conferencing.

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Dr. Jessica is highly skilled at individual and family assessment and provides comprehensive evaluations at the request of courts or individuals directly, focused on psychological assessment, trauma evaluation, child custody and parenting plans.   Fees range, depending on the nature of the referral and referral questions to be addressed.   Family evaluations may include clinical interviews, observations, psychological testing or assessment/screening tools, review of records, collateral contacts and home visits.  Evaluations often yield written reports, including recommendations and resources as well as feedback sessions, when appropriate. 



Dr. Jessica Griffin has been training professional audiences for over 15 years, including lectures for psychologists and other mental health providers, judges, attorneys, law enforcement, physicians, teachers, nurses and other professional groups on topics including but not limited to trauma, interpersonal relationships, divorce, resilience, parenting, attachment, and cognitive-behavioral therapy. Dr. Griffin has trained thousands of professionals across the country and is a nationally recognized expert with particular specialties in trauma-focused treatment, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and court-involved families.

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Dr. Jessica provides a variety of consultation services to other professionals and professional groups regarding trauma, high conflict relationships, and divorce.  Within her practice, she also provides consultation to parents regarding parenting issues in high conflict situations.  Dr. Griffin provides consultation to couples contemplating separation and divorce.  In the event that individuals have already made the decision to separate, Dr. Griffin provides divorce counseling, working with adults to separate amicably, to the extent possible and effectively co-parent their children, even when the animosity is high between them.  She provides consultation for professional groups and media on a variety of topics, particularly following traumatic events in the community and disaster response. 

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