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Dr. Jessica is The relationship expert on one of today's most forward-thinking shows on TV: Seven Year Switch.

Seven Year Switch is a radical social experiment that helps challenged, disconnected, unhappy married couples rediscover their passion, connection, and happiness.

By working closely with Dr. Jessica and her co-relationship expert, participants gain a unique perspective on their real marriage through an accelerated therapeutic approach. Couples are paired with experimental spouses -- who have qualities they think they want in their own spouses -- for an extended period of time to practice communication and negotiation skills, address issues related to trust.  During this time, participants experience increased emotional vulnerability which ultimately provides insight into themselves and their marriages.

The result of this social experiment is an accelerated view of both their partners and themselves -- allowing the couples to reset their dynamics and work through the issues that have been blocking them from having the marriages they want -- or decide if their marriage is worth saving after all.

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